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Table Kitchen & Bar in Baton Rouge briefly


Table Kitchen & Bar in Baton Rouge briefly closes to fix plumbing problems, will reopen quickly

A Baton Rouge restaurant will take a brief vacation.

Table Kitchen & Bar owner Scott Wilson said the restaurant is closing briefly to attend to plumbing issues. Wilson stated that there is a broken line underneath the bar location.

Wilson required to Facebook on Monday to attend to the closure. In a post, Wilson composed that the restaurant is dealing with our property owner along with our insurance company to solve the issues, and we plan to resume as soon as the repairs are complete.

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The property market truly is warming up!


The property market truly is warming up! A BOILER room in London is set to cost more than 250,000 after seller was granted preparation permission to transform it into a flat

A boiler space in the basement of a block of London flats is anticipated to cost more than 250,000 at auction.

The two-room basement in Bloomsbury, near Great Ormond Street, was once used to supply heating and electricity to locals residing in the houses above. Visit our site for more information

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Motivating the next generation


Motivating the next generation with the internet of things

I’ve constantly been an optimist when it concerns how technology may impact the future. A desire to change the world in a favorable way was one of primary reasons I drove myself on to acquire a PhD in electrical engineering and start work at the well-known Jodrell Bank Observatory. Now as Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering and Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning at the University of Manchester, I’m still driven by an eagerness to catch knowledge and apply it in the modern world.

Indeed, when I was invited to give the distinguished Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2014, I opted to put innovation at the heart of my broadcasts, concentrating on how advanced innovations such as 3D printers would enrich our lives.

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